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5 Important Survey Questions Restaurant Owners Should Ask

Nowadays most people don’t want to stay at home all the time. Instead of cooking, which takes a lot of time and efforts, they prefer going out. A restaurant is a good way to spend time with pleasure and eat something tasty.

Obviously, as a restaurant owner, you are curious about making your restaurant better, more popular and profitable. Restaurant survey questions are the best way to get to know what people think about your restaurant. Today a survey for cash is rather popular, which will show you the true opinion of public members.

But how can you do that? How to make this process interesting for your patrons? The following tips will be really useful for you to know.

Try To Ask Extensive Questions

Extensive questions are a very useful part of your restaurant satisfaction survey. Due to these questions, you can get more detailed information from your guests. They will need to write down their answers. It is much better than just tick something.

But it is also important to remember the number of such questions. It would be better not to include too much of them into your restaurant survey.

Avoid Using “Yes/No” Questions

Why do you need to minimize such questions as much as possible? Well, there are only two possible answers: «yes» or «no». It means that you will probably not know exactly whether your guests liked your restaurant, food, and services or not.

Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

Asking too many questions in your restaurant survey, you will make your patrons feel bored. Definitely, it would be much better to ask a few questions, which are really meaningful and important.

Try to avoid too long compound questions. For example: «What did you like most of all during your staying in our restaurant?». Instead, you may ask: «How did you like our restaurant? ».

Check And Edit Survey Questions Carefully

Before you start asking your patrons to fill out a survey, it is necessary to make sure that all the questions are right, rather polite and correct.

Ask your staff to fill out a survey. They may find some grammatical or syntax mistakes. It would improve your survey. In addition, it will help you to avoid some unwanted misunderstandings.

Examples Of Right Survey Questions For Restaurant

• Do you like visiting our restaurant?

• Was the service good during your visit?

• Please, rate the speed of service.

• Do you have any recommendations?

• Will you visit our restaurant again?

Examples Of Food Survey Questions For Restaurant

• Do you like our food?

• What new dishes should we add to our menu?

• What do you prefer to eat for lunch?

• What is your favorite drink?

• Do you like snack food?


A restaurant satisfaction survey will help you to understand how to improve your restaurant and get real feedback from your guests. That will make them feel happy and visit your restaurant again and again.