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5 Things You Have to Know About Dogs and Weed

Very often, it occurs that the dog owners find their four-legged friends high. In most cases, it happens accidentally after eating human poops or just from the secondhand smoke. Some people consider it to be a funny experience for the dog. But others say that marijuana harms your pet more than you can imagine. Well, here are top things you need to know about dogs and marijuana, pharmabee, and their influence on your dog.

Bear in mind, medical marijuana eases human pain, cancer side effects and so on, but it may harm your beloved dog. So, read this article to the very end, and find many interesting facts!

1. What Happens When a Dog Eats Weed?

Vets investigations show that marijuana impacts dogs as well as humans. Understandably, marijuana for dogs has different symptoms. Some of the animals feel relaxed and calm. But on the other hand, there is also the other side of the coin. For around 25% of them are panting after having breath the smoke of the weed. So, it is a dangerous experience for your dog because you can not predict how your dog will be affected. And keep in mind, the effect of weed depends on the age and size of your dog as well. Smaller and older your dogs may be harmed more, then the more prominent and younger.

2. Is Medical Marijuana Beneficial for Dogs?

The veterinarian community has some doubts if it is indeed true that medical marijuana can be beneficial for both humans and their pets. The cannabinoids can increase the appetite and relief pain, but only with the proper dosage. Well, if your dog suffers from terrible pain, then marijuana is a good choice. But consult in your vet doctor first. He may prescribe you less harmful pills.

3. Can Dogs Get High as Humans do?

Naturally, the answer is YES. But unfortunately, some dog owners do it just for a laugh. First of all, you should remember that it is neither funny no esthetic thing to do. Under the influence of marijuana, your dog may become anxious and confused. What is more, it can even cause bad consequences not only for the dog health but for the people around as well.

4. Is Weed Bad for Dogs’ Health and Well Being?

Signs of dogs and human marijuana intoxication are almost the same. However, dog recovery can take a more extended period. It may be around 18 to 36 hours. So, the typical signs of marijuana intoxication in dogs are lethargy, breathing problems, lowering of the blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, incontinence, vomiting, low body temperature, loss of balance, and others.

5. Can a Dog Die From Eating or Breathing Weeds?

The thing is, it is a bad decision to eat cannabis for dogs. But it can cause the death of your pet only if he will eat a large amount of marijuana.  And remember, sick and small dogs are more likely to die of cannabis. So, it is better to keep your dog away from weed, and everything will be ok!M