walk before bedtime

The Undeniable Benefits of Walk before Bedtime

Without any doubt, comfort dreams mattress is good for your sound sleep bud do not underestimate engaging in a mini workout before bed as it also plays a huge role here. Workout, in this case, doesn’t really mean partaking in strenuous or physically demanding activities, a little walk around your compound is enough to do the magic.

Why you must choose walking in the night before bedtime?

Some people prefer taking insomnia pill to fall asleep fast, while others believe that WALKING BEFORE BED will hinder from having a great night rest. However, t’s important to let you know that this philosophy is not applicable to all human. In fact, a 30-minute walk around your compound has more advantages to your sleep than the proposed disadvantages.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a walk before bedtime is a must for everyone who is very much concerned about his/her sleep and their health. Having said that, the importance of walking before going to bed cannot be overemphasized as it plays a huge role in ensuring that we have a great and memorable night rest. Some of the important benefits of walk before bedtime are discussed below:

* It aids digestion of our meal (dinner) before bedtime

Medically, it’s advisable you have your dinner two hours before going to bed so as to provide an optimum condition for digestive systems to act on your meal. As much as the interval between your dinner and your sleeping time is crucial, the most important thing is that your meal got digested before you go to bed. This is why it’s important you take a walk before bedtime as the exercise helps to hasten digestion in the body.

* It reduces the period of time spent watching TV or operating phones

Most people, especially youth, often gaze on TV screens immediately after food — a habit many medical practitioners believe is not the best thing to do. Though watching TV or gazing on phone screen before sleep is largely not harmful to the body at first, nonetheless, it is said that it tends to have negative effects on the body system on the long run. Instead of staying awake watching TV or chatting, a walk before bedtime will definitely help you reduce such an attitude.

* It takes away all nerves or sadness

Maybe you had a very sad day at the office and the day is about ending, a walk before bedtime gives you the opportunity to reflect on your day and learn some lessons from the whole thing.

As much as you weren’t happy with the turnout of events throughout the day, a walk in the night — if done appropriately — will enhance your reasoning mind and it opens up your heart to the fact that there are some positives things to learn from every negative occurrence. According to research, walking produces more of dopamine and serotonin in your body and these hormones are very helpful in human reasoning.

* It activates sleeping mood in your body

It is widely known and medically proven that all of our actions are controlled by the brain. Whatever you do on daily basis, your brain gets used to it and it prepares your body for the activity. Just as the brain controls every action your body, so does night walk benefits the sleeping hormones in your body.

As soon as you make walking before bedtime a habit, your brain will get used to the fact that you’re about sleeping, hence, it will put your body in mood as it will release some important sleep-enhancing hormones so as to ensure you have a very sound sleep.

* It Initiates weight loss

Many people visit the gym regularly so as to lose weight not knowing that a simple but moderate night walk is the best way to lose weight. By walking in the night,  especially few minutes after dinner, your metabolism rates are increased and you will rest assured that every part of your body gets an appropriate portion of the meal you eat. Therefore, there won’t be any case of pulling up unnecessary weight. Furthermore, this exercise tends to burn some considerable amount of calories out of the body thereby making your body appear fit and good looking.

*It prepares you for the next day

As long as you partake in a night walk before you sleep, you will wake up healthier and more energetic in the next morning. You will be actively prepared to face the challenges ahead of you.

Health is wealth; you mustn’t joke with your sleep because that’s one of the exercises that guarantee a healthy living. You must sleep for at least 8 hours per day so as to remain in good shape. Also you may find useful some information what successful people do before going to bed.